Sale conditions

01. Insurance against the cancellation fees. Before departure it is possible, even advisable to take out an insurance policy in the offices of the organiser against expenses in case of cancellation of the package purchased.

02. Classification of hotels. The classification of the hotels and of the accommodation facilities is recognized by the relevant Public Authority.

03. According to the Article 16 of the Law 269/98, the Italian Law punish, with imprisonment, crime relating to prostitution and juvenile pornography, even if committed abroad.

04. Insurance. Insurance policy n° 548420503 of “CARIGE Assicurazioni”.

05. Place of jurisdiction. For any dispute relating to the present contract, the place of jurisdiction will be Latina. If agreed it will be possible to resolve the dispute transferring the judgement to a court of arbitration that will decide according to the principles of the Law.

06. Validity of the catalogue. This catalogue is valid from 06/01/2009 to 31/12/09.